About Us

About Us

We are a peer-to-peer marketplace that brings together overseas travelers and people who want to send or request goods from overseas, for mutually beneficial transactions.

As a Sender:

Why use Genies4Hire

Send goods overseas to your loved ones and customers - fast and cheap!

You can send your goods with a Genie to the country you want to send to. You simply have to find a Genie at our online marketplace, willing to take your goods.

You can be an individual wanting to send gifts or urgent goods to your family overseas.

You can be a business needing to send urgent signed documents to your clients overseas.

You can be a traveler with excess baggage wanting to benefit from a fellow passenger’s spare baggage allowance to avoid paying the airline’s expensive excess baggage charges.

As a Requester:

Why use Buy It With Genie

Buy goods from overseas that you cannot buy locally - cheaper!

You can request a Genie to buy the goods on your behalf and bring them to you from the country where you can find them (cheaper). You simply have to find a Genie at our online marketplace, willing to buy them on your behalf and bring to you.

As a Traveller, known as :


Utilise your unused baggage and bargain-hunting skills to make money!

You can take goods from the country where you are based to the country you are travelling to. You simply must have some spare baggage allowance and find a Sender or Requester at our online platform who wants to send or buy goods from overseas.

You can make extra money from your unused baggage allowance by simply delivering their goods.

You can utilise your bargain-hunting skills to buy their goods at a cheaper price and earn a profit.

What We do:

With the help of our popular platform built using the state-of-the-art technologies, we bring together the two willing parties, Sender/Requester and Genie, to deliver our service and fulfil your wishes.

We minimise the risks of doing business for both the parties with our policies on identity verification and product restrictions, insurance cover and carefully outlined terms & conditions of engagement.

We provide peace of mind to both the parties by guaranteeing the delivery of Sender/Requester's goods by Genie and the payment of service fee to Genie upon confirmation of delivery. We take the payment from Sender/Requester and withhold it until Genie delivers the goods.

Our service leads to win-win situation, where all parties benefit!