FAQs for a Sender/Requester

Who can use it?

Almost anyone from anywhere around the world, business or individual, as long as there is a match between the Sender/Requester of goods and the Genie (traveller).

How much does it cost to use it?

Option : BuyITwithGENIE

You as a Requester decide the price you are willing to pay to a Genie for buying the goods of your choice and delivering them to you. We add a 5% service fee on top of the Willing to Pay Price.This is just to cover the PayPal merchant fees and our administration fees.

The payment can be made by using PayPal.

How can I use it?

It's easy. Simply register online at our website and post your job order. You must declare the exact weight, monetary cost, dimension of the goods and Willing to Pay price.

We will match you with a suitable Genie and facilitate your introduction, exchange and delivery of goods, and payment of service fees.

We hold your payment until you inform us that you or your overseas party have received your goods.

What kind of services are available?

Option 1: BuyITwithGENIE

Let Genie buy the goods from overseas on your behalf and bring them to you.

How quick is the delivery time?

Delivery time depends on the travelling plan of The Genie. Please contact Genie directly to get an estimated delivery time.

What kind of goods can I send OR request?

Documents, clothing, gifts, products unique to the country of origin, electronic gadgets, products that are cheaper overseas etc. Strictly nothing illegal or dangerous goods and those that attract duty in the destination country. You must abide by our terms and conditions of business. Please refer to our prohibited goods list.

Who will deliver goods to Genie? Who will deliver them to the receiver in the destination country?

We will release the contact details of a suitable Genie once you have paid the relevant fees.

As a Sender, it is your responsibility to organise the delivery of goods to Genie in the pick-up country. It is your responsibility to organise the receipt of goods from Genie in the destination country. 

The responsibility of Genie is to take the goods with them on a flight from the pick-up country to the destination country.

If you are using BuyItWithGenie, it is the responsibility of Genie to buy the goods and take them on a flight from the pick-up country to the destination country.

How does the payment work?

Once your job order is accepted by Genie, we will request you to make the payment using PayPal. You will be sent a receipt of payment by email.

Once Genie sends us the proof of delivery with a photo confirmation, you will need to confirm of the delivery and we will pay Genie into their PayPal account. Please note once you have verified receipt of the goods, we cannot stop the payment made to Genie.

How do I know that your Genie is a reliable/trustworthy person?

Please use the service BuyItWithGenie if you need to send high-worth value goods. The Genie will invest their own money to purchase the item that you have requested, and we will release the payment only when we get confirmation of delivery from you.

What if I want to cancel my job order?

You can cancel your job order before you deliver the goods to Genie and you will be refunded the fees after deducting a cancellation fee of 30% of paid fees.

Your order cannot be cancelled after you have delivered the goods to Genie OR if Genie has accepted your buying request.

If Genie is unable to fulfil your buying request, we will locate a replacement Genie or else will refund your paid fees in full.

What if the Genie refuses to take my goods?

Please contact our staff by email immediately and we will find a replacement Genie or cancel your order and refund the paid fees in full.

What if my goods got lost/damaged?

Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for damaged/lost goods.

Please use the service BuyItWithGenie if you need to send high-worth value goods. The Genie will invest their own money to purchase the item that you have requested, and we will release the payment only when we get confirmation of delivery from you.


What if I want to make a complaint?

Please contact our staff by email at: support@genies4hire.com, immediately with your complaint. We will try to resolve the issue ASAP. We won't be happy unless you are.

A Sender/Requester has paid but I can't see their payment?

Sometimes, it could take up to 48 hours to receive the funds into our account. Once the payment clears on our end, we will send you both confirmation via email letting you know the funds have been secured in to POMP. 

As a Sender/Requester, when should I be releasing the funds to the Genie?

You will get an email notification of Proof of Delivery once your item has been delivered at the destination place. Please get the receiver to confirm that the item is not damaged, and the item is what you had requested. Genie will not hand over the goods until you have verified the receipt of the item.

How can I get a refund (Sender/Requester)?

While funds are still in the POMP holding account, you can request a full refund (which the Genie can then approve) to release the funds back to you. You would receive the full amount you paid. We cannot issue a refund without the Genie's approval.

As a Genie using POMP, how will I be paid for the job I have completed?

Genies will be asked to submit their PayPal account details – this is the account your payment will be transferred to once the Sender/Requester has released the funds. 

How long will it take to receive my payment?

Your payment will take between 1 to 3 business days from the time the Sender/Requester releases the funds to reach your account depending on PayPal’s processing speed.

Where are payments held?

The POMP holding account is an Australian bank account managed by our trusted payment services provider. All payments are secured and encrypted.

Will you share my bank details with the person I’m transacting with?

No. All customer bank details are secured and encrypted.

What is Genies4Hire?

You can request a Genie to take the goods on your behalf to the country where you want to send them. You simply have to find a Genie at our online marketplace, willing to take them.

You can request a Genie to buy the goods on your behalf and bring them to you from the country where you can find them (cheaper). You simply have to find a Genie at our online marketplace, willing to buy them on your behalf and bring to you.

FAQs for a Traveller

What is Genies4Hire?

Genies4Hire is an online peer-to-peer marketplace which brings together two willing parties: Sender/Requester, who wants to send/receive goods to/from the overseas cheaper and faster. Genie, who is a traveller, willing to take (OR buy and take) goods on behalf of the Sender/Requester for a fee they are Willing to Pay.

I travel light, can I be a Genie?

Sure, as long as you pass our identity check. We want to make sure that you are a legitimate person who has airline ticket and visas to travel to the destination country.

How much can I earn as a Genie?

As a Genie, your income is the Willing to Pay price offered by a Sender/Requester and some of the offers can be very generous!

If you are buying the goods on behalf of Requester, you may also make a healthy profit margin by sourcing the goods on sale price. It could be a highly lucrative business for you!

The payment will be made into your PayPal account once you send us the confirmation of delivery.

Most airlines provide a baggage allowance of up to 30kg, thus, you have potential to make thousands of dollars per trip.

How do I take the job order?

Register at our website online and record your next travel schedule, destination and baggage allowance. We will match the best Sender/Requester/s to you and request for your approval. You can either accept or decline the job offer.

What are my obligations as a Genie?

You must provide us with your mobile phone numbers of both the pick-up country and the delivery country. You may provide your Viber, WhatsApp, Skype or Messenger  contact details too.

If you are buying the goods on behalf of Sender/Requester, you will have to invest your own money to buy the goods. However, we will request you to do so only after we have received the payment from the Sender/Requester, so you can be guaranteed that you will get paid once you have delivered the goods.

For BuyItWithGenie, you must buy the item as requested by the sender. If you are not able to find the right color/size/model etc. Please communicate with the Sender via our online messages function at https://www.genies4hire/messages. Please note to use the online messages service you have to be Login to our platform. Using our online messaging will be a proof of communication and will be used to settle dispute should they arise any.

You must try to organise the delivery the goods to the receiver by contacting them at the earliest when you reach your destination country.

You must provide the proof of delivery with a photo confirmation.

You must ensure that the sender verifies the Proof of Delivery, then only handover the item to the representative.


When will I get paid?

You will get paid your total fees into your PayPal account as soon as we have a confirmation from you that the goods are delivered as agreed. You can send us a picture of the Receiver/Requester with the goods as a proof of delivery.

Do I have to pick-up the goods from the sender?

No. The Sender will organise the delivery of the goods to you in the pick-up country.

Do I have to deliver the goods to the receiver?

No. Sender/Requester will organise to collect the goods from you in the destination country.

What if I want to cancel the trip?

If you cannot perform the delivery due to cancellation of your trip, simply delete the travel plan from your account on our website.

What if my flight is delayed?

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, please contact the Sedner via the online message or contact number that has been provided to you.

What if I want to make a complaint?

Please contact our staff by email immediately with your complaint. We will try to resolve the issue ASAP. We won't be happy unless you are.

As a Genie, when should I be handing the goods to the Sender's representative or Requester?

Once you reach your destination, please try at the earliest to get in touch with the receiver and arrange for a drop or pick up. Once you have uploaded the Proof of Delivery (photograph of the receiver), request the Sender to verify the delivery. Once you get notification of verification from the Sender then only hand over the item to the receiver.


What is POMP?

POMP (Peace Of Mind Payment) offers Senders/Requester and Genie a safe and secure way to transact online with the peace of mind that money is being held securely during the process. As a Sender/Requester, you can send or buy goods with the full assurance that the payment will be made only when the goods will be delivered. As a Genie, you can have confidence that the Sender/Requester is genuinely interested in sending or buying the goods and you will be paid once the delivery is confirmed.

POMP makes payments safe and easy!

How does POMP work?

  1. MAKE PAYMENT – Once you identify, negotiate and make a deal with a Genie in Genies4hire account, you should be able to see an option to use POMP and make a payment by PayPal.
  2. PAYMENT SECURED – You and the Genie will both receive an email confirmation as well as a notification in your Genies4hire account letting you know the payment has been secured in POMP.
  3. REQUEST PAYMENT - It is at this point the Genie can request the funds to be released by adding in their PayPal information. The funds will still be held by POMP at this stage.
  4. RELEASE PAYMENT – The Sender/Requester can only release the payment once the Genie has requested the funds and entered their PayPal information. We recommend releasing the funds whilst onsite upon picking up the goods or once receiving the proof of delivery picture from the Genie by email/SMS/Viber/Whatsapp/Skype.

  5. The amount will be transferred to the Genie and can take between one (1) to five (5) business days to clear in the Genie’s account.