Prohibited Material

Please note that the following materials are strictly prohibited to send through Genies4Hire.:

  1. Dangerous Goods;
  2. Counterfeit Credit Cards;
  3. Diamonds;
  4. Cultural and Heritage Goods;
  5. Any "Prohibited Items" listed in the Aviation Transport Security (Prohibited Items) Instrument 2012 (Cth);
  6. Suicide Devices;
  7. Illicit drugs;
  8. Pornography and other objectionable material;
  9. Firearms and Weapons;
  10. Items listed on the Defence and Strategic Goods List as either Military or Dual-Use;
  11. Alcohol, Cigarettes or Tobacco;
  12. Human blood and tissue or other biological material (meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, bulbs, straw, nuts, plants, parts of plants, traditional medicines or herbs, wooden articles, animals or animal parts or products, soil items or items with soil attached, and farm items); and